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I am a ceramist or potter by default.  I have had no formal art training in the medium but my love of creativity and design has been with me my entire life.  From making my own clothes as a young girl to quilting with beautiful textiles and designs I have always been drawn to pattern and the unlimited possibilities a single line can create.   My work has evolved from spending time learning the craft for fun and slowly becoming more immersed in the process.  My initial love was working in porcelain and blue line designs.  This has slowly migrated to the use of a Raku/Stoneware clay that is made by ceramist Lindsay Scott and obtained from the Midlands in Kwazulu Natal.  I love using this clay as a platform to create striking designs that are rooted in my European descent and influenced by the patterns of  Africa that surround me.  I tend to stay within the realms of functional ware as I want people to use and admire pieces each day of their lives.  This emanates from my Grandmother who always served us tea in various beautiful fine bone china cups.  It was important that all your tableware be used and not put away for special occasions.  The experience is complete when enjoying your tea and admiring the cup you are drinking from.  My work is hand thrown by Ivin Molefe.  I would not be able to spend the long hours designing and hand decorating each piece if I did not have his invaluable help throwing.  My head is filled with many designs combinations and I wish there were more hours in the day to bring them to light.

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