Ceramics Southern Africa


SINCE 1972



“Terracotta and Black Greek Stallion”


Ceramic Artist: Carol Hayward Fell

“Terracotta & Black Greek Stallion”


As with many of my works, my inspiration is often from ancient cultures, in this case, Ancient Greek and Minoan Art.

Tall and proud, with an elegant chiselled head, I tried to capture the proud stance of an extremely fine animal in the same way that the Greeks would represent the beauty of the human form in their marble sculptures. As usual, I simplified the shape of body and legs and I employed extreme stylization in doing the incised patterning representing the tail and the mane.


Strictly speaking, using the term “Terracotta” to describe this work, could be misleading. Terracotta is a type of ired iron-bearing clay which is usually low fired (earthenware) and is a pale pinkish brown colour. Here I have used terracotta clay and fired it to a very high stoneware temperature od about 1220 C. At these high temperatures, the clay becomes very strong and non-porous “stoneware”. In addition, at these high temperatures, the red iron oxide present in the clay, melts and gives this wonderful rich deeper colour.  The black, which I have rubbed into the texture, is black iron oxide. It too has started to melt, giving a lustrous sheen in some areas.

This horse sculpture is entirely hand made and modelled and it is signed underneath with my full name.

Height: 29 cm. X Length: 33 cm. X width11cm.

Weight: 1.300


Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 33 × 11 × 29 cm