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Gwyneth Gosling

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I have always been drawn to the energy and beauty of nature and the simple power and delicate intricacies of natural forms. I have always picked up gifts that nature gives me: seed pods, shells, twists of bark, feathers - these are incorporated into my works.

I find working with clay a meditation - it nourishes my soul and it has been a path to spiritual renewal for me. This connection with my artistic medium is healing. I often dream of a vessel and then make it.

The clay has its own energy. As an artist, I sense this energy and work with it. Shape, form and how glaze reacts to the smallest texture excites the creator and the viewer.

Feeling it necessary to make a shift from the corporate world, I reconnecting with my authentic, younger self through clay four years ago. This shift started after the death of my mother, an artist, I realised she left the world with a legacy of beauty through her art and every time I touched her painting I felt her hands and energy.

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