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Jean Beckley

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Being in the dance world most of my life: performing, teaching and choreographing, I found the creative aspect of ceramics right up my street.

I am a student of Digby Hoets having joined his studio around 1985/86. All my work is on the wheel, mostly functional ware and, in general, made with porcelain clay. Occasionally I do use earthenware clay – and depending on the glaze - the items are pit-fired, high-fired and/or fired in a reduction kiln.

My work has been influenced somewhat by the classical period of Greece and ancient Oriental shapes and is classified as being in the ‘Anglo/Oriental tradition’. Late in 1998 I entered my “dotty” period as a result of a visit to Australia where I was intrigued by the Aboriginal art of dot painting. Dotted slip designs were the result.
One area of particular interest is South African rock art, which I sometimes portray using this ‘dot painting’ technique.


In August 2019, I was nominated as Potter of the Month and a solo exhibition of my work was held at the Arts Association of Pretoria gallery.

I have work in the Corobrick Collection, the William Humphrey Gallery, the Fillingdon Fine Art Gallery in the U.K. and in several private collections.

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